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Mastering Your Money Energy White Paper


What if we told you there was a way to unleash the power to create previously inconceivable opportunities for driving your happiness, success, and health for longer? Our research shows the powerful influence that the energetic power of money has on our lives and how it is driven by behavior and your relationship to money. Our revolutionary Mastering Your Money Energy White Paper uncovers how to source, boost, manage, and measure your money energy providing benefits valuable to you, your team, your family, your organization, and your clients.



You will learn:

  • Financial stress impacts your wallet and your health
  • What Money Energy is and how to measure it using behavioral insights
  • The drivers for building a positive relationship with money
  • How to maintain the four batteries of personal life energy (money, food, body, and mental)
  • That happiness, health, and financial wealth are the New Wealth

Mastering Your Money Energy White Paper


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