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Blind Spots in Financial Advice White Paper


Is your planning process engaging enough to attract clients in today’s competitive world? Does it meet tougher compliance requirements? Client and advisor communication exchange hinges on communication on the client's terms and responses that avoid misinterpretation from either side. Consider the inherent tension between enhancing client engagement, which boosts revenues and compliance, which protects the business. Our Blind Spots in Financial Advice White Paper demonstrates it would be best if you considered a behavioral approach recognizing the general tension for advisors who tend to be entrepreneurially focused on sales and the responsible home offices interested in protecting the status quo but wanting more revenue.


You will learn:

  • Why traditional discovery methods lead to flawed recommendations
  • The importance of exposing blind spots in your current financial planning processes
  • How to shift the client discovery paradigm to include holistic financial personality discovery
  • The importance of addressing inherent limitations in current risk profiling
  • The benefits of integrating financial personality insights with investment advice

DNA Behavior Blind Spots in Financial Advice


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